Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Craft Show, A Child & Pet Rocks

When I found out I had to take my daughter to a craft show to sell my work, I was concerned!
Will she behave? Will she be polite? Will she stay with me?
I kept trying to think of ways to keep her busy while I was selling my crafts. I have never taken her to a craft show for the entire day. She is only 5. She likes to explore and has a mind of her own! Sometimes her dad would bring her to visit for a little but she has never stayed for the whole day.
I remembered a while ago when my wonderful craft show neighbor and I were talking about kids and craft shows. She said when her son was younger that she would let him make stuff to sell. It would keep him there at the table because he was afraid he would miss selling something. Well I had to try it because I had no choice. She was going whether I liked it or not!
The night before the show, I took her to the store and bought her some craft supplies to make pet rocks. She was so excited to be going and selling something. When we got home, she sat outside and made all the rocks that we bought. Yes, all 28 of them! I couldn't believe she was sitting still that long to make them at age 5! They were SO cute to say the least!  After she was all done, I was gaining some confidence that she could do it! I rested a little easier that night knowing that she was excited and willing to be there with me for the day.
Here is the Instagram picture from the night before!
The day was here and it was time to go! She woke up excited and got ready to go. In fact, she was ready before I was for a change! We arrived at the show, found our space and setup. She had her container full of rocks and was ready to be a little saleswoman!  The day started off slow for both of us. The rain showers didn't help. She sold her first rock around 11am. She was super excited, used her manners and said thank you! I was one proud mama!
Throughout the day it got busier and she ended up selling 18 pet rocks! After the show was over, she sold a few more to family and is almost out of stock!
Remember to always supervise your children while making crafts. Some glues can be toxic.
What are some other ideas you  use to keep your kids busy at craft shows?