Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Fish Party

Every year I do a theme birthday party for my daughter. Well this year, she wanted me to surprise her! It was hard planning the party when she was trying to spy on me every minute but somehow I managed to pull it off!
We love to go fishing and I knew it was going to be a perfect theme this year. I spent hours on Pinterest and Etsy looking for ideas. I purchased the images on Etsy and I had the freedom to create anything I wanted for her party! Usually I buy a printable party on Etsy. I don't seem to use everything in the printable party so I wanted to design my own.
Here are some pictures from the party!
I have the same lady make her cake every year. She did a great job!

I always do a single cake for her and then everyone else gets cupcakes.
My mother makes the cupcakes!
 I found this pink craft box that served the purpose as a tackle box for candy!
I made dirt (crushed oreos and gummy worms) for the bottom and
I filled the little sections with gummy fish, worms, butterflies, frogs and mints!
The jars were filled with:
Fish Sticks- lollipop sticks with gummy fish on them
Fishing Line- Pull and Peel Licorice
Fishing Rods- Pretzel Rods
Puffer Fish- Punch Balloons
I peeled the labels off of bubbles and made my own fish breath!

These were the favors that we gave all the kids when they left!
They are little tackle boxes filled with gummy candy and fish soap wrapped on top!
My wonderful friend, Pam, from Lazy Days Skin Care made the soap! It smells SO delicious!
She also has a website! Check it out here ---- http://www.lazydaysskincare.com/ 
I can't believe my baby is growing up and will be off to school next year!
This party was such a hit and everyone had so much fun!
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