Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tips for Finding The Beauty In Nature

This week I decided to post some inspiring nature quotes on Facebook. I am a true nature lover and I appreciate it's beauty. I go outside everyday and it is such a joyful feeling. Best of all, It's FREE! When I am able to slow down, stop and admire, it's very satisfying. I also garden and compost to try and give back a little. My daughter also helps me garden. It's an invaluable lesson that I can teach her to be kind to the earth and enjoy its beauty.
Here are some ways to enjoy nature:
Watch the sunrise and sunset.
Look at the moon and stars.
Go barefoot.
Plant something. Watch it grow.
Watch the clouds roll by.
Lay in the grass.
Enjoy the sunlight on your skin. (in moderation, with sunscreen)
Pick wildflowers and put them in a vase.
Listen to a stream and watch the sunlight reflect on the water.
Play in the rain.
Watch ants.
Go fishing.
Take a nature walk.
Identify flowers and trees.
Listen to the frogs peep at night.
Nature is really good medicine. Enjoy it. Take care of it. Educate about it.
Here are some nature quotes I found on Pinterest.

Enjoy your week!

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