Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Go Fly A Kite The Easy Way

This evening was windy enough for flying kites! We were all so excited to go.
I remember going with my dad when I was little and they were always so far up. Well, now I
remember why! My dad used a little trick!
First, lets meet my Dad. Hi Dad!
I certainly need to take more pictures of him!
 Even though he has no idea what a blog is, he is always
finding life hacks that will never seize to amaze me!
When I tried to explain to him why I wanted the kite picture(below), he had no idea.
I told him I was going to Instagram it and he said, "insta-what it!"
Enough already! Let's see this kite trick...
So there you have it. Another great Dad moment to remember!
We had our kites so far up that we could hardly see them!
What is one of the greatest life hacks you were taught from someone in your family?

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  1. Absolutely love this. It's soooo cool to find things around the house to incorporate into some good old fashioned family fun!