Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart

After a long holiday weekend, it is time to sink back into reality!
Let the cooking begin...
While preparing dessert tonight, my awesome conversion chart came in handy. Then the wheels
started turning and smoking. Why haven't I shared this with any of you? Well, I didn't realize
what a great tool it was going to be until I really needed it!

This is a sample picture. Download your FREE printable below!

I have mine laminated and stuck on the inside of my baking cabinet. I have probably only
used it once or twice before. Tonight for some reason, I had to keep referring back to it. My
kitchen must be mad at me since I haven't cooked all weekend! We were busy having family dinners for my birthday and the holiday.
Even though you think you will never need it, print it! It's FREE!
Please be kind & comment and share if you download!

Click on Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart 1.
A new tab should open and you can click download (top left).
You will confirm the download by clicking download pdf.
If you just want to print it, click open.
If you would like to save it, click on save, give it a name and save again.
It will open in Adobe. Click the little printer button on the top and make sure you
select fit not actual size.
Click print and you are all finished!

Thanks for stopping by today.
Please be kind to share and leave a comment if you download.



  1. If the world could just agree to use the metric system, we wouldn't have to mess around with these conversions all the time! But I suppose that's just not possible at this point...

    Sarah, Time Calculator

  2. Thank you for the great visual. Love it.