Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Bulk Laundry Detergent For 10¢ A Load!

Since it was the weekend I figured I would catch up on some laundry.
That didn't happen!  I was out of my homemade laundry detergent.
When I make it, I do it in a large quantity so I don't have to make it as often.
 Before, I was making it every month.
With this simple bulk recipe, I only make it every 4-5 months!
Enjoy these tips and tricks to make your bulk homemade laundry detergent simple!
You will need...
All Natural Super Washing Soda   55 oz.
Pure Baking Soda   2 lb.
6   Fels-Naptha  Laundry Bars
A strong 2-4 blade blender. (I use my Ninja. Hi-ya fels naptha!) OR Old Cheese Grater
Sharp Knife
Cutting Board
Bag or Storage Container

*When I buy the Fels-Naptha bars, I buy 12 so they have a little time to dry out.
The blender will pulverize them better, leaving less clumps, when they are dry. If you are using the good old cheese grater, it is easier to grate them when they are dry.
*It is much easier if you can do this in a blender. Grating 6 bars of Fels Naptha is tiring!
*I also buy the 4lb. Baking Soda so I have some for the next batch. I'm sure you could
find it in larger quantities as well.
Ready to go? Lets do it!
Start with the Fels Naptha, If you are grating it..

If you are using a blender, 
 Chop it up into little pieces, tiny pieces, MUCH smaller than what mine look like on the right picture! My blender had stopped working when I did my 2nd bar with this large of chunks. I thought I blew up my Ninja! Everything was fine.
It cooled down and worked again--thank goodness! The last 4 bars got chopped really tiny.
I ♥ my Ninja and don't really want it to blow up!
The older Fels Naptha fell apart when cutting it so I put it in the blender just like it is in the picture.
Helpful Tip: Cut small & Only blend 1 Fels Naptha Bar at a time.
       Old Fels Naptha            VS.         New Fels Naptha
Put all 6 blended or grated Fels Naptha into a large bowl.
Add the whole box of All Natural Washing Soda
and the
whole box of Pure Baking Soda (2 lb. = approx. 3.5 cups).
I either weigh or measure it when I get the 4 lb. box of Baking Soda.
Ready to get your hands dirty?
Well, maybe clean since this is detergent!
Mix everything with a large spoon or your hands. My hands seem
to work better for me!
Put what you are going to use in your container and store the rest in a bag.
When I use mine, I put 2 Tbsp. per large load.
With this recipe, I get approximately 103 loads!
The Cost Breakdown
 Fels-Naptha                                          94¢ each       = $5.64
             Pure Baking Soda (4 lb. $2.24)      $1.12 (2 lb.)    = $1.12        
     All Natural Washing Soda          $3.24 box            = $3.24    
Total  =  $10.00                                  
1 load = 2 Tbsp 
Again, I get approximately 103 loads from this recipe.
$10.00 divided by 103 loads = 0.097
10¢  A   LOAD!!
I wash around 5 loads a week in our house. With this recipe, I
will only have to make this about every 4-5 months.
That is awesome since I was making it every month!
What homemade detergent does for me?
I use my detergent for the laundry of course, but I also use it to clean my rugs.
I put a Tbsp. of detergent in the cleaning tank of my carpet scrubber instead of
the very expensive cleaner. It works just as good as the expensive cleaner I used to buy. I shake it up in the tank or dissolve it in warm water before pouring it in.
Also, I like to know what is in the soap that I am washing with. I don't like the harsh chemicals and dyes that are in most of the advertised detergents. We have some very sensitive skin in our house and none of us have had any reactions to this recipe.
Making this can also be a fun, inexpensive and useful experiment if you have never tried it!
If you have any questions, I will be happy to help!
For more information, comment or email me at

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