Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From Pregnant Pepper to Alcohol Strawberries for breakfast!

I guess I was wrong when I thought I was going to have
a delicious breakfast today...
The plan
 Have egg whites and sautéed onions and peppers
with a side of strawberries.
What actually happened
I got the egg whites and onions ready then I cut open
my red pepper and it looked like it was PREGNANT!
I had never seen a pepper like this before!
So I cut around it and started frying it and moved on to the strawberries.
We love strawberries in our house. We unfortunately have to buy them
in the winter but we grow them in the summer.
I got them all washed and cut up nice. They looked good. I went to bite into one
and immediately noticed something was wrong. They smelled
and tasted like rubbing alcohol! YUCK! I wouldn't even put these in my
compost pile!
At this point, I realized that my delicious breakfast just went south so I settled for
egg whites and sautéed onions and a pregnant pepper! 
Oh, and I starved my compost pile of some killer strawberries.
But I added some baby pepper and seeds!
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Any info on these crazy fruits and veggies would be appreciated!
Have you ever seen or had anything like this?

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