Sunday, February 23, 2014

Display & Layout

When displaying your items you want something to catch their eye and keep them there looking longer. You will also need something easy to transport and assemble. Displaying at eye level seems to work best for me. You don’t want to have things too high or on the floor where they will not see them.
You can use cardboard boxes under the tablecloth or under fabric to create different levels. I have seen some use old suitcases to display items and then the items go back into the suitcase for transport.
It is good to keep higher priced items near the back of the table so they won’t fall off the table and get ruined when customers are there. If you’re running sales or specials, make sure they are clearly marked and visible. Also, make sure all items have a price. Some are too shy to ask and you could lose sales. Keeping everything priced will help keep you organized too.
It helps to have a variety of prices and items throughout your tables. Someone at the end of the table won’t be able to see to the other end and may miss something special you have to offer. The different levels in a display will help customers flow from one end to the other. Keep it interesting!
When you sign up for an indoor show, ask for the table size so you have the proper table covering. Try to find a tablecloth that will cover to the floor in the front so you can hide your extra inventory under the table and it won’t be visible. A 1-2′ overhang on the sides is good too.  You may be able to get cheap fabric that will work. Keep in mind the length and width when you buy fabric. Measure it all out before you go to the store.
Search online for craft show display ideas and there will be plenty of pictures that come up! An easy assembly will help at the stressful setup time. Try and test run your display if it is your first show. Measure it out and use masking tape or markers on the floor and set everything up so you know it will fit. Take a picture with your phone so you will have it when you are setting up.
Outdoor display & layout post coming soon!
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